Yes it’s true; cafe coffee at home is a trend that is here to stay. The fact is we just can’t stop drinking coffee. It doesn’t matter if we are making it at home, drinking it at cafes or buying it through McDonalds drive through. We have developed a taste for espresso, and cappuccino style coffee.

Reality is coffee machine sales are on the rise and there is now a lot to get your head around if you want to get the best machine that suits your needs.

You might be asking why I set up this website and why?

A lot has changed in the world of coffee pods since I began this website. In 2012 I set this website up to be a support system for my sales of refillabe nespresso compatible pods or capsules.

It’s even better now, I like to inform readers, reveal information not so commonly know and refer readers to various sites where they can get the best prices for all types of coffee pods, single serve espresso, automatic coffee makers, super automatic coffee machines, manual espresso machines, and coffee itself.

The truth is I am fascinated with this new time saving way to make and enjoy espresso at home. Coffee that tastes great and is brewed with the bean is much better for our health than instant coffee because it has far less chemical and is in its natural state.

Take a look at some of the most popular single serve pods available today

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 I Switched To an Alternative Nespresso Compatible Pod in an effort to Reduce Waste and Cost of Nespresso

I have started using a popular new product …refillable coffee capsules to make my nespresso


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