Nespresso™ Compatible Coffee Capsules come in all shapes and forms. There is everything available to buy from ready made capsules filled with espresso to buying empty refillable capsules where you do it yourself.

Ready Made Compatible Capsules offer all sorts of interesting coffees with additional flavours like hazelnut, butterscotch and everything nice. If you’re in Australia Coffee Capsule Delights are available with some very yummy choices.

Next are the Empty 1 time Use DIY Pods where you can simply make your own 1 time use nespresso pod. Plastic cups that come with sticker lids that you paste on yourself. Called NeCap or Capsulin these have proven to be very popular with nespresso™ users but the only problem is you can only use each pod 1 time, compared to Refillable Nespresso™ Capsules made by EMO Home that can be used up to 30 times for each pod.

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Refillable Nespresso™ Capsules of the plastic variety are best when you don’t have to stick lids on before use. I find the lids that snap closed are the best for me because I find the coffee granules just get all over the place making it hard to get the lids to stick on.

Compatible Nespresso™ Coffee Capsules – Plastic with a Snap Lid

Coffee Duck Pods are compatible with nespresso™ machines but there lid has a paper filter inserted into the lid which does need to be cleaned after a few uses and they only fit nespresso ™machines made before October 2010. The work quite well but if your machine is a newer model then count them out.

EMOHome have a coffee pod that is easy to use with a stainless steel filter in the lid and are compatible with nespresso™ machines made both before and after 2010. They have a removable red seal that make give them dual compatibility. Pre October 2010 you simply remove the red seal. It is easy to remove.

For newer models you leave the seal on and they are ready to use. You still need to clean the lid with a brush after use but there is no paper filter in the lid which allows for up to 30 uses for each pod.

They are compatible with most nespresso™ machines but there are exceptions.

Compatible With:
Any coffee machine that accepts nespresso™ capsules or coffee pods including Citiz, Pixie.
Lattisma and other nespresso™ machines. Exceptions to the rule are Krups machines model #F867. #F896. #F892 #F893
. or nespresso machines that are 1 pin machines, meaning they only make 1 hole at the base of the nespresso™ capsules.

Nespresso™ Machine users search for compatible Nespresso™ pods for different reasons. One reason is they may not have nespresso boutique or supplier in their local area and are forced to order nespresso™ pods online. Another is that they want cheaper alternatives to nespresso™ pods that are still compatible with their machine. For cheap nespresso™ compatible refillable coffee pods are a fantastic solution to saving on espresso coffee to find out more see re usable coffee pods


There are also a few machines that are compatible with nespresso coffee capsules one of the most popular being Sheffield Coffee Pod Machine that is compatible with Nespresso Pods.

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