Refillable Nespresso Pods/Capsules

Nespresso™ machine users have been searching for years for the perfect refillable nespresso™ pod.  Keen nespresso™ users have been trying and buying different refillable nespresso™  Capsules or pods for quite some time now and as nespresso™ coffee drinkers keep searching for a an easy solution, the refillable nespresso™ compatible capsule keeps evolving. Why? Because it is cheaper to buy capsules and refill them than to buy Nepresso™ Capsules.

Evolution of Refillable Nespresso™ Pods

Early Days for Nespresso™ Refillable Capsules  

One of the first refillable nespresso™ capsule designs included coffee filters that needed replacing after use. They were fiddly but did work and you could get a decent brew without having to use Nespresso™ Capsules or Pods purchased directly from Nespresso™.

Finally Nespresso™ Users could use there own coffee if they wanted to and even save money on nespresso™. The problem was that the filters would needed replacing often. There was another tricky problem and that was that if you didn’t place the filter into the capsule properly there was a tendency for the capsule to leak.

 So as the Nespresso™ machines evolved so too, did; the design of the Refillable Nespresso™ Capsule.. The next compatible capsule designed by Emohome was a nifty makeover of the same capsule, smart and clever including a stainless steel mesh in the snap close lid instead of the messy filter.

Nifty Refillable With No Messy Filters

The cumbersome filter was replace by a stainless steal mesh and the pods no longer leaked. It was a fantastic solution that finally had nespress™o users drinking whatever coffee they desired without having to be limited to only nespresso™ capsules. It was easy to use, all you need to do was fill you capsule with finely ground espresso, snap the lid closed and you were on your way to enjoying your coffee for a fraction of the cost.You did have to make sure you used a finely ground coffee so the water would flow through well, but it was the perfect solution. The were easy to use, ecological, and made from food grade plastic. With up to 20 uses per cup using the plastic refill  reduced nespresso™ capsule waste.This worked quite well until nespresso™ changed their machines in 2010. The nespresso™ machine system changed by grabbing the capsule at the base of the machine thus causing the new plastic refillable cup to flip open instead of staying closed in the machine. This lead to Nespresso™ compatible refill design make over time again and ended up with the same capsule with an additional O ring to be fitted for machines built after 2010.

Refillable Nespresso Coffee Capsule with “O” Ring

Silicon “O” Ring & Tool

“This Cheap Nespresso™ Capsul made the….

Refillable Nespresso™ Pod Very Popular”

The silicon rings were easily applied by some but very challenging for others but nevertheless kept the coffee in the pods and there were no drips..just good espresso!

The design then improved further despite it’s growing popularity.

The Next Pod step……included something better than a silicon ring.

 It was as if there were some users who just couldn’t get the silicon ring to work for them. Usually 1 in 50 that I sold to customers would come back to me and say how it just wasn’t working for them. So it was as if the Emo home people were listening and before you knew what was happening, they had a NEW improved refillable pod!

NEW Improved Refillable NespressoPods

This New once again improved version was the same design with a twist. The silicon ring and the strange little tool, although well designed was replaced. The capsules came ready to use with a new version of seal. A thicker red band, removable for machines build before 2010 but ready to go for machines build after 2010.

Ingenious conversion capabilities allowing for the difference in the updated nespresso™ machines.

New Improved Version Refillable Nespresso PodOnce again very popular but still an interim design. There are whispers that even this little pod

will be refined even further still!

 The NEXT Refillable Creation!!!!


 Okay The Next Refillable Creation is Here!

EMO 4 Coffee Capsule

The new feature has a precise design that inserted a filter at the base of the capsule.

This is wonderful …it is slightly better for making coffee than EMO3 because the flow

through rate is better. The other huge benefit of using this design means there is reduction of coffee back

flow in your machine. To start using your own coffee in your nespresso machine read further

start saving click here 

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New Improved Version Refillable Nespresso Pod

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