Dolce Gusto Refillable Instructions

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Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsules Pods”

  Dolce_Gusto_Refillable_Capsules_Emohome Please Note:  The video below shows how to fill your Dolce Gusto Coffee Pod

The first time….. you use your capsule it is very important that you do not force the lever of you machine.


The first time use requires that your dolce gusto capsule lid is pierced with your lever mechanism.

However the lid can be quite thick and it is recommended by the manufacturer, that instead of forcing your machines lever

it is best to manually pierce the lid of you Dolce Gusto Capsule. The problem with manually piercing your Dolce Gusto pod lid is that you have to get the right spot.


For your first use of the Dolce Gusto Pod place the pod in the correct position for you machine. If your lever is not closing without force, it is best to pierce your capsule lid  manually. 


Dolce_Gusto_Refillable_Capsules_LidMake sure if you pierce manually that you pierce the hole in the correct position for you machine…

All machines pierce the capsule in a different spot, so it is very important

that you have the correct line up for your manual pierce for your individual machine.Dolce_Gusto_Capsule_Pierce_in_Machine







  Also make sure that you have put the lid on properly, because this will affect how the capsule sits in your machine.

Once you have your capsule aligned correctly with the hole pierced correctly you ready to reuse your capsule again and again..

It is smooth sailing from here on…


smiling_drawingImportant:- Please Watch This Video

“How To Pierce Your Dolce Gusto Capsule Before Using”

  How To Fill Your Dolce Gusto Pod With Ground Coffee

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