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Early Bird Updates…

“Refillable Coffee Pods/Capsules

ALDI Expressi Kfee System or Map Machines”


The Idea of New Refillable Coffee Capsules  prove to be very popular with

Map and Aldi Coffee Machine Owners…

I have had a continual stream of Expressi and Map machine owners contact me to see if our refillable nespresso pods will fit their machines!  Refillable coffee pods are appealing to the coffee machine owner! I tried to get 2 lots of manufacturers to make a pod for the aldi expressi machines but it must just be too hard and costly for them. Even though i had an overwhelming response of over 1000 people who wanted an aldi or map pod or even verissimo machine refillable coffee pod they were unable to fill the requirement with a good design.

We still hope someone will pick it up in China…

Thanks Baz …He wanted to make sure that anyone contemplating on whether on not to follow through with a design

knows that Aldi has a big market in Germany, Holland, England, Belgium etc

Mark Said ” What about all us Verismo Users? We need reusable pods! This $1.25 pod is killing us?

To start saving..you can pick up a bundle of expressi pods rather than buying them in individual packets