Nespresso Citiz Review

Have seen any of the latest TV commercials about nespresso with George Clooney , Jack Black or Nicky Whelan? If so it may  have sparked your interest in Nespresso Coffee. The idea of popping a capsule into a machine for a tasty espresso is very appealing. But how does it actually work? Although the machine in the advertisement is a Verluto machine A nespresso citiz espresso machine is also a wonderful way to explore the different flavours of espresso at home and that is what this review conentrates on, looking at the different models available and the differences between Citiz and Pixie Machines.

All the original line of nespresso machines use enclosed capsules so in this nespresso Citiz review I will only mention that the grand cruz range of espresso can be used with citiz along with any limited edition coffee capsules nespresso releases from time to time.

A nespresso citiz machine is ideally suitable for someone who wants quick, easy to prepare, espresso from a compact one touch button machine. Perfect if you want to experiment with different coffee flavours and there is minimal clean up. Ideal if you like to purchase coffee online, because capsules can only be purchased from Nespresso Boutiques (see store Locator) or alternatively online. 

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Which Nespresso? Which_Nespresso

There are different nespresso machine models in the citiz range and they all perform similarly having the same water tank capacity, pressure, temperature, and have the same espresso choices.

The main difference between the models is whether they include a milk frother or if the milk frother is integrated with the machine or separate stand alone.  

All citiz machine models have a 19 bar pressure pump, which is the norm for most automatic coffee machines.  A 34 oz water tank capacity, and an adaptable folding drip tray, means you can use a small cup, large mug or tall cup. So you can easily make large or small milk drinks.

The capsules are easy to insert, although you do have to make sure they go in along a thread to at an angle but it is really simple and most people don’t even notice this thread that catches the lid it is just really automatic.

The cup tray pivots or folds up so that if you want to use a large glass or mug you can. This is fine and doesn’t cause any problems.

All Citiz Machines have a Automatic power off after 9 minutes of inactivity

All Citiz machines are able to be programmed to increase or decrease the amount of espresso in order to make different coffee and milk drinks, you can watch this video below to see how, the instructions apply to pixie and citiz machines.

Which Nespresso™ Citiz?


” standalone machine” measures : – 10.9 inches x 14.6 inches x 5 inches


” With Integrated Aeroccino” measures:- 15.94 inches x 11.22 inches x 15.16 inches

Both these models feature a shaped chrome nozzle at the front as a feature.

It has no milk frother, or side tray that it sits on like with the other models, therefore it is a similar size to the pixie machine just a little larger. You can still use a separate standalone aeroccino to froth milk but you use another power cord and electrical plug, the advantage here is that if you space saving you can even use your aeroccino on the other side of the kitchen while your coffee is brewing.

The Nespresso Citiz C111 comes with chrome sides and a flat teadrop shaped nozzle at the front of the machine size is 22 x 8 x 15 inches just a touch larger than the Pixie so the milk is separate, not on a tray, and the nozze that the coffee flows from is different to the D11

Includes a tray for the milk frother to site on and work, which means you don’t have to have another spare electrical plug and another cord to use the aeroccino. It is powered up directly by the coffee machine, which is really convenient if you have the space to accommodate an extra 5 inches in width for you coffee machine.


“standalone machine” measures : – 22 x 8 x 15 inches


” Comes With Intergrated Aeorccino ” measures : – 11.2 x 15.2 x 15.9 inches

Both these models feature a flat tear drop button shaped chrome nozzle at the front as a feature.

C110 Citiz Titamium

” standalone measures: – 15.6 x 15.2 x 15 inches” (this machine released in 2008)


 Often referred to as Citiz and milk ,this machines buttons can be reprogrammed to customized volumes for different milk drinks but it is just holding the button down and releasing when you have the right amount of espresso in your glass and then it will store the water volume and repeating that setting.

Then if you want the setting to go back, you just restore to factory settings which are Espresso 40ml and Lungo Cup 110ml.

I think to get consistency of flavour and taste it is best to stick with the factory settings.

The milk frother is not dishwasher safe, but them none of the milk frothers are, they are like electric kettles, they don’t go in dishwashers because of the electric parts.

Nespresso Citiz with milk frother

I much prefer this Citiz and milk that has the aerochino , it is easy to pick up due to its ribbed plastic design, much better than a metal jug with a handle.  The areocchino is also nice and easy to rinse and wipe at the sink after each use because of the treated inner lining makes it very easy to clean.

The little attachments inside are held in place with a magnet and come off and on easily lifting out and rinsing. They don’t get gluggy or anything like that.

There is no cup warmer, but i don’t find this much of a problem.

If i had the kitchen space I would go for the Citiz with the integrated milk, as a preference to having the milk frother as a standalone unit.  I had my machine with a standalone aerochino  and it was fine, however, I think it would just be a touch more convenient to have them sitting together.

Where to buy Nespresso™ Citiz?

You can purchase from major departments stores, home appliance stores in your local area. Nespresso is a worldwide company and these machines are available all over the world. They are available also on Amazon often with free shipping at good prices.


Which is better Nespresso Citiz or Pixie?

Both machines work the same on the inside. The main difference is the way you insert capsules. One hand I prefer the robust pixie oval handle, it has more to grab when you’re in a hurry. However if you’re a person who likes style and detail I suspect you will like the look and feel of using the Citiz lever.

So if you are ruff in the kitchen I suggest pixie otherwise go for the Citiz style.

Either way, remember to lift you lever after each coffee to send you empty Nespresso capsule to the bin container. It is not good for the machine for the piercing pins to be left engaged with wet coffee grounds in their surrounds.

If you watch the video below, you will notice that the Citiz machine in the first part of the video.

How to Use Nespresso™ Citiz and Increase the Quality of Your Espresso :-


What the difference is between Nespresso Citiz and Pixie?


  • The Pixie machine is a little wider in shape and the Citiz has a taller more sleek look.
  • The side panelling on the pixie is horizontal to go with the different look.
  • The Pixie has an oval shaped bar that lifts in order to insert you nespresso capsule in where as the
  • Citiz has either a black or silver lever positioned at the very top of its dome shape. 


Both the espresso machines have the same functionality and operate the same in every way with exception to the lever. Also the aerocchino milk frothers both operate and the same, the pixie however does not come with the tray that includes the integrated aeroccino.


You can only purchase a pixie machine with the aeroccino as a separate unit. Which is great if you have a small kitchen space?  The compact size of the Pixie Machine has made it a best seller for this reason.  Pixie is 12.8 x 4.3 x 9.2 inches takes up less space.



  • Quick start (25 seconds to start) and brew
  • Very Minimal clean up
  • One of the quietest nespresso machines
  • Inspired design, nice clean lines
  • Great flavours of espresso you can taste
  • Quality construction, reliable machine
  • You need to open the lever to release capsule to bin, it is not automatically dropped in bin
  • Fun to use and make different drinks
  • Compact and fits into a small space
  • Consistent crème result with every espresso
  • Huge hit with family and friends
  • Temperature of coffee is as advertised 165 degrees
  • Washable parts , like tray etc is dishwasher safe


  • Limited to using nespresso capsule pods or nespresso compatible pods
  • Low Cost, nespresso sell their machines at minimal profit hoping you will use their coffee
  • 70cents or more per cup of espresso
  • High environmental impact, Nespresso recycling outlets are only in major cities
  • There is no on or off buttons, however it will switch off itself after 9min
  • 2 year warranty
  • No cup warmer
  • Programmable feature is simplistic
  • No automatic capsule disengagement after each use

The Summations for Nespresso Citiz Review

The main issue in taking care of you Nespresso machine, is too make sure you disengage the capsule and let it drop to the bin.

If you forget to do this every time you make a coffee the piercing pins will need cleaning after a time. If you don’t clean them it will affect your quality of coffee in the long term. So if you thinking of buy a nespresso citiz or pixie, you need to be someone who can remember to do this otherwise, I would suggest the U machine which does this automatically for you!

I still recommend Citiz or Pixie even though it doesn’t include the feature that sends your pod automatically to the bin like the U machine. The U is a totally plastic machine and in my opinion not as robust. I also think if you want to experiment with other compatible capsules in the market place inserting and releasing the capsules manually is a better option. It is still possible with U however the mechanism has a higher chance of getting stuck or rejecting a generic capsule. So Citiz and Pixie, better all round in my opinion. Handy size, easy to keep clean, looks great on the bench top. Start up quick , make coffee quick and no fuss for maintenance, steel designs look much better than plastic.

 Reviewers indicate that nespresso machines make the best tasting coffee of all the sealed pod, capsule coffee machines in the market place.

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Marge Reply

Hi! These machines look so easy to use. I would love to have one in my kitchen! Does the manufacturer suggest using filtered or distilled water? I would think it would make a difference in the taste.

    coffee lover Reply

    Hi Marge, this is a very good point, if you don’t use filtered or distilled water you have to descale your machine on a regular basis. If you looking for a coffee machine that automatically filters water check out the next step up from citiz in a different range

D Duffy Reply

The one without the milk frother is the one for me, as I drink black coffee. I sometimes froth milk for the kids, but prefer to use a separate unit for that to reduce bench space. Thank you for including that in your comparison.

Elizabeth Reply

Great review. Now in just have to convince my husband he needs one lol. I’ve wanted my own espresso machine for awhile.

Coffee Junkie Reply

Love the Pixi – it seems easy to use and, now that I read the review I know it will fit in the space I had in mind. Thank you.

Carl Reply

Hi , I’m getting my wife a new coffee machine, after reading your review, i think i will go with the Nespresso Citiz, it will fit in our kitchen better. Thanks

Suze Reply

One thing that some won’t think of is that the Nespresso machines are small enough to carry with you on holiday. I’m actually looking for one and thought I would go over some reviews (found you!) because I was on a road trip with some girlfriends and one of them brought her machine so that we could enjoy espresso each morning! Yup, smart girl and now all I need to figure out is which one to buy – thanks to your review I think the Citiz one is for me.

    coffee lover Reply

    What a great idea! Perfect for self contained units, motel rooms or even camping, your are right I hadn’t thought of that! Good thinking 🙂 !

Lauren Reply

Wow, it’s like k-cups for espresso machines! I love this concept.

I used to own an espresso machine, but it was so much work trying to get it perfect. This seems way easier to use. Thanks!

    coffee lover Reply

    Oh Yes, way easier to use!

George Reply

Thanks for the review! I have been considering an espresso machine for our kitchen. I think we would save a fortune making our own drinks at home. LOL!

Jackie Reply

I have been looking at coffee machines as a pressie for my husband, and I have found this review really helpful, thanks. I’m going to get him the Pixie

Quinn Reply

I’m so excited about this espresso maker, especially with the pods feature. My old machine has about had it and has been relegated to under the counter. I do want the frother though, because I have to have cappuccino regularly. Thank you for the thorough review.

Lena Reply

Great review! I’ve toyed with getting one of these for awhile but have never done a huge amount of research on which was the best. You seem to have put a lot of work into figuring out the pros and cons of each and I’ll be coming back here for reference in the future!

Maria Reply

Thanks for all the work reviewing this machine. I had no idea about the Nespresso machines. I love my coffee with caffeine in the am and decaf later. I think I would like the Citizi or Pixie for home use. Looks like different colors are available as well, I love color in my kitchen. Sweet way to have Espresso with out the mess!

Britanica Reply

What an awesome little machine! I was sitting here thinking I had to get a huge one to get the same effect as the coffee shops. The Citiz looks like a really great option for me. I am going to continue looking at others but I have a feeling this one will be hard to top! Nespresso is such an amazing trend that I hope sticks around.

    coffee lover Reply

    Nespresso is a great way to make consistent coffee very easily. I like the citiz and pixie. When nespresso first came into the market place you could only use the nespresso pods available from nespresso. Today there are so many compatible and refillable nespresso pods, so you not limited to one kind of capsule. The variety and choice is phenomenal! Thanks for sharing and your right you don’t have to get a big machine to make a nice cappuccino at home.

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