7 Perfect Treats To Enjoy With Espresso

When we work hard, it is such a pleasure to sit back and enjoy the perfect coffee along with a treat! I have put together some recipies for enjoying espresso at home.

1. Perfect Cheese Platter  

An ideal taste sensation goes well with either wine or espresso. I love to have a tasting cheese plate with coffee after a meal or just for a snack. It’s a special treat when you select a variety for cheeses with different flavors and textures. Each bit is a surprise delight and your favorite espresso drink just caps the experience. See some tips on putting together a good selection of cheeses and how to store them below this cheese board.

Make the Perfect Cheese Tasting Plate

See Reals Simple foods Perfect cheese Platter

2. Chocolate Treats

Brownies are the perfect treat to have with your espresso. They usually taste better, the day after baking. This makes them good to keep stored in an airtight container ready for when you have a coffee break.

 See a Easy Best Brownie Recipe Video Here


Chocolate & Coffee Brownies Easy Recipe

For those of us who want to have something uniquely different for a coffee treat try Red Velvet Brownies


3. Breads Snacks

Different breads, go well with a coffee break, with cold cut meats, or toasted cheeses and toppings!


For a very tasty cream cheese nut bread tryout this recipe here

A Bruschetta Bar is a simple way to enjoy food! You can what you have in your fridge and put it on toasted bread. Of course if you want a fancy style for a coffee and lunch or even entertaining a trip to your local delicatessen is ideal. Most supermarkets as well have a great selection of cold meats and antipasto. Here is a  brillant bruschetta bar recipe

4. Perfect Pastries

Pastries are the perfect delight, you can either buy them or make your own very easily with frozen pastry and some fruit.



Here are some ridiculously simply pastry recipes you can make at home:-

You can use strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or even peaches!

See how to Make Raspberries & Cream Cheese Pastry

See Pears in Pastry

5. Fruit & Nuts

Fruit & Nuts

You can’t go wrong with some natural dried fruits or even nuts! There so healthy full of vitamins and there is a huge variety. I find them easy to store and one of my favorite is dates. I am partial to dried figs, paw paw, cashews, and pecans. It’s such an easy snack, and no cooking is involved.

However if you a cake lover I recommend no. #6 on the list!

6. You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It!

For those of us who like to eat healthy but enjoy a touch of indulgence!

Cake & Fruit

With this light chocolate cake recipe you can enjoy your coffee and fruit. It is nice and light, and one of the healthier chocolate cake recipies to enjoy Have a sneak peak at the most delicious recipe here!

7. Coffee & Reading Treat


Reading it doesn’t matter if you enjoy your favorite local newspaper, pc tablet, magazine, or or novel it’s always a relaxing treat with a well made espresso.

There have been a host of studies about reading and several years ago a bibliotherapist (one who encourages us to read). To find out more about the therapeutic benefits of reading and how it can be good for clearer thinking and relationships see:-

Can reading make you happier?

If you’re looking for café style coffee to enjoy your favorite treats at home, we will be having some interesting information about choosing the right espresso machine to meet your needs coming soon.

For now I have written some reviews of my favorite espresso machines:-

High end Jura Esspresso Article

Considering Convenient Nespresso


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Now I want a nice espresso and some treats! LOL I have never thought to have bread or cheese with espresso but I will have to try it now. I am glad you included the recipes here as well. I will be hosting this years Christmas party for work so I would love to have an espresso machine and some perfect treats to go with it.

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