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What are refillable nespresso capsules made out of?

The manufacturer states that these reusable coffee pods are made from recyclable BPA polypropylene,  a high quality heat resistant plastic used in the medical and food industry.

Are they made from  BPA Free plastic?

Yes they are BPA free 100% recyclable.

Can I make other Beverages like Tea?

Yes, it is possible to use for tea infusions.

How can i check to see if my nespresso machine is compatible?

Look at the used Nespresso capsules in your machine to determine if your nespresso machine is compatible.  If there is only 1 hole pierced in the bottom, then unfortunately these will not fit.  If there is more than 1 ,usually 3 holes , then you can use Refillable capsules.

How Do I Use Refillable Capsules?

Do I Tamper the coffee?

Loose fill is best although different machines perform differently…..you don’t want it filled too loose or to tight as it will reduce the effectiveness of water flow through  your capsule. If you pack too tightly or too loosely it will cause a weak coffee. It is best to experiment to find you own optimal coffee with a espresso blend you love.

Can I use Instant Coffee?

No the capsules are designed for ground coffee beans (not whole coffee beans), you can grind your own beans or use pre packaged espresso coffee or coffee from your local roaster.

How much coffee do I use to fill an empty pod/capsule?

You can fit 5 grams of coffee per reusable pod. This is a bit less than what is packed in a pre manufactured aluminum nespresso capsule

How do I get a really strong Coffee?

Use 2 small espresso shots…2 pods. It is recommended that you allow the capsule to cool before using again so use 2 separate pods to make 2 shots don’t use the same capsule consecutively, wait until it cools down.Why? Because the plastic can soften.

How many times can I use the same refillable coffee pod?

1 empty refillable coffee pods has up to 30 uses. So a packet of 1o has up to 300 uses per pack. This means that with each packet of refillable coffee pods you use you’re waste reduction is as many as  up to 290 nespresso capsules that could go in the bin if they are not recycled.

 How do I get the best reuse from my refillable capsules for my nespresso machine?

  • For the most number of uses from your reusable nespresso compatible capsules always try to clean them immediately. When you do this,the grounds will come out easier and your pods will last longer. If you have a sprayer in your sink or pressure from your tap nozzle this works well for removing the grinds easily other wise you can use a cleaning brush.


  •  It is highly recommend that you don’t leave your capsule engaged in the machine after use. If by any chance you don’t clean after use make sure you release the capsule to drop into the pod chamber of your nespresso machine.
    . This is important for you machine and will make sure your refillable capsule lasts.

Even if you using nespresso capsules it is important to let your capsule drop after use. I made the mistake of leaving my capsules in and forgetting them and what happens is the needles are left wet coffee grinds and start to get dirty or rust.

 When I use a Lungo Shot half way through water just comes out!

 Don’t bother with the Lungo shot the refillable pods don’t hold as much coffee as a nespresso pod. It’s best to keep it to espresso shots or ristretto shots for coffee. If you like a Lungo use 2 shots.

 How do you get the best coffee out of your refillable capsules?

  • You will always get the best tasting coffee when you grind your coffee fresh. If you have a local roasting coffee company that makes good coffee then try using their coffee. If not go for stronger coffee varieties like illy or Lavazza. The best part of using these pods is that you have coffee choices.


  • A lot of refill pod users experiment and find a coffee they like. Many customers report that organic coffee or oxfam fairtrade coffee works well too.

 Just experiment, don’t give up because as many users report they do work well and they just keep a few brand name capsules in stock for best made coffee for guests.

 What coffee grind is best?

  •  Some customers recommend :- Starbucks Espresso Roast and ask them to grind between a turkish and espresso #2
  •  Other customers recommend #3.8 grind

If your not sure if the grind you are using is suitable just break open a nespresso capsule and compare the grind from the nespresso pod.

You can always test your reusable pod for your nespresso machine with coffee from a nespresso pod to see how it performs, once you have done that you know it is working and it is just a matter of getting the right coffee to satisfy.

 My capsule didn’t seem to work well am i doing something wrong?

  •  Make sure you have place your refillable nespresso compatible capsule in the machine correctly. It needs to go in at the same angle that a nespresso capsule fits into your machine. Some machines have a little runner that the lip of you pod needs to run along. It is a little plastic guide that you can easily feel with your finger.


  •  It is often missed because the nespresso aluminum pods slip into it easily and the texture of the plastic is slightly different.


  •  The refillable pods seem to work best in my pixie with the tabs of the capsule in a vertical position rather than horizontal.

Lastly, I know this is probably something I don’t need to mention, however I so often forget to check the level of water in my nespresso machine I feel it is worth a mention.

 Do these refillable coffee pods work in Aldi Machines or Starbucks Verissmo?

Unfortunately they are the wrong size and are not compatible with the Aldi kfee system or starbucks systems.

 What Nespresso Machines are they Compatible with?

 Refillable capsule – fit for Nespresso® System: Citiz, Pixie, Essenza, Lattissima and other Nespresso® machines

Remove red O-Ring Seal if your Nespresso™ machine was manufactured pre-October 2010

Exceptions to Nespresso® coffee makers are machines with One 1 pin notches:

eg Krups # F897, #F896, #F893, #F892 

Will the work for Dolce Gusto Nespresso?

Sorry these coffee pods/capsules do not work in the Dolce Gusto Nespresso Machine. The notch made on the base of the Dolce Gusto machine is a one pin notch.


What Coffee do Our Customers Recommend?

 Illy Medium Roast

 Buzz Coffee – between turkish and espresso grind


 Cafe Bustello

 Starbucks espresso Roast grind # 2 between turkish & espresso



  •  Fresh Local Roasted coffee
  • Organic Coffee
  • Oxfam Fair trade Coffee

If you have any further questions that are not listed in our Frequently Asked Questions then shoot us an email contact us