Jura Espresso Machines

Who makes Jura, coffee machines and how reputable is the company?

The Jura Company a world renowned brand is manufactures Jura espresso machines, and has reputable outlets in over 40 countries including US, Australia, etc

This Swiss brand has been producing espresso machines for over 35 years. It started making automatic espresso coffee machines in the 80s. The original company roots began in the 1930s, where it began developing high end appliances for the home. The famous Swiss tennis player Roger Federer represents their brand, contributing to its popularity.

Jura – Capresso association

The one thing that most buyers don’t realize is that the Jura Capresso range initially was an entirely different American company that joint ventured with Jura in the 90s. It was purchase in 2008 by the Jura company in Switzerland see more about Capresso. Earlier Jura Capresso machines were originally a lower quality and price range to high end Jura machines.  Today Jura Capresso and Jura are one and it seems that Jura has improved on some of the older Capresso designs with a newer coffee machine ranges selling for under $1000

Where are Jura Espresso Machines Made?

Jura machines made in Switzerland have a lovely sleek, smart sexy finish. There is no need to hide a Jura machine in your kitchen, the fine stylish finish and contemporary design looks so good it can easily be a beautiful feature in your kitchen.

However the Capresso range of Jura is not always made in Switzerland even though it is Swiss design. Both machines service and warranty terms are serviced by the Jura Company.

Best Jura Coffee Machine for the Money?

Super automatic machines = great tasting , make perfect coffee to suit your lifestyle, are easy to use and clean up for you.

They grind, tamper brew and pour and clean all for you. You can make you toast in the morning or be cooking your breakfast while your coffee is being made. Jura machines are made to last and often you can be making your espressos for 40cents each instead of paying $4 to $5 each for cafe style espresso.

Not everyone wants to learn how to be a barista at home, and this is where convenience, time saving factors, and features of Jura machines stand out in the market place as high end home espresso machines.

In the Jura range the high end machines that do everything but clean up your kitchen sink, have a price range of $5000 and over and the lower end range begins at the $700 mark. Jura Impressa f7 made in Europe has a lot of the automatic features; espresso all done for you. The main things your do is clean the tampering disc every time you empty the used coffee grind container , fill with beans, water and empty the drip tray.  Run an additional cleaning cycle every 100 cups but you won’t have to take the brewing unit out for cleaning like most other super automatic machines. It is extremely good value for the operations and functions and great tasting espresso it makes read further about the Jura f7 here.

How to Use Jura Espresso Machine?

Jura machines are visually appealing and simple to use. Well known in Europe for convenient, consistent quality coffee. All the machines in the range are programmable with built in buttons, for types of coffee like lungo, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, espresso.

Customizing your coffee is easy, the programming function is usually a dial or alternately a lcd picture screen, depending on which machine and it is simply a matter of choosing, how much ground coffee and how much water to make the different styles  you can read more about espresso, lungo, or ristretto volumes here.

Instructions usually come with the machine and once you have chosen how many grams of coffee anywhere between 6-10 grams, you also decide how much milk you like , then it is easy to have the same settings each time. Most models customize for more than one coffee or have inbuilt settings for common variations like espresso, latte or lungo etc

If you like and espresso double shot which is 20 grams of coffee in 1 shot, simply press your button twice. You will see a light come on when it is time to replenish the water tank and when to refill beans

How to a Clean Jura Espresso Machine?

Jura coffee machines, are one of the cleanest machines you will ever own. The performance is amazing because they are always cleaning themselves with extremely fast Swiss precision cleaning. Because of the Claris water filtering system, the requirement to frequently de scale, is completely eliminated thus one of the most benefits of owning a Jura coffee machine.

One of the best kept secrets is that Jura won an award for the cleanest coffee machine and how hygienic they really are when comes to making espresso the super automatic way. They allow for Claris water filter cartridges’ in the water tank. These Claris filters are 100% organic and remove all impurities from the water (no lime scale, copper or lead). When the filter needs replacing a light will come on telling you to change the filter. When you keep the filter fresh, there is no need to descale your Jura machine.

Self cleaning on auto will never allow milk to sit in the system. The inner working pipes are different for water and milk everything is always flushed and cleaned automatically, for you. 

If you’re like me when your entertaining guests, you want to get your coffee made…quickly so you can join in the conversation, rather taking barista orders and any Jura espresso maker will do this for you so easily. The first few cups, you may need to be guided by the manual, and then once you’re on you way, there will be no need to second guess yourself. Making the coffee will be a breeze, and mess free!

Where to Buy Jura Espresso Machine?

One of the best places I find for buying is Amazon, the single serve brewers section. They can deliver to your door, and usually the value is good compared to the department stores. I like it for the reason that I can literally shop while I am at home or work. When I take the time to do my price comparisons most often it works out to be the best buy.

The caretaking cleaning bits are available, Claris filters, along with the coffee cleaning tablets. It is advisable to get the required ones for any coffee machine because that will extend the life.  

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Britanica Reply

I have been wanting a Jura espresso machine since I first tasted the amazing coffee at a co-workers party. I have become obsessed with trying to fine the best one. I actually didn’t start enjoying coffee till just a few years ago, now I have to have at least one cup a day be is espresso, cappuccino, or latte! I am going to check out Amazon. Thanks for the info!

    coffee lover Reply

    Thanks for the feedback and yes Jura is the perfect machine for the office. It is easy to use and makes tasty coffee good luck!

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