Hey,Coffee drinker who loves coffee!   

We all have developed a taste for espresso, or even cappuccino style coffee.

Clueless or a coffee connoisseur,  if your buying a coffee machine it can be a daunting experience.
New expresso machines, coffee gadgets and accessories for at home develop every day.   
  Today we can spend hours or days scratching our heads, deciding what the choices are for our coffee needs. Our choices that range from hand press to automatic super coffee machines. It can be like sifting though a pile of jelly beans larger than a barn to find the black one you want.
Overwhelming and frustrating shopping for your coffee machine today’s coffee market.
 Most advice out there is popularity based rather than user based.  Our articles reduce overwhelm, uncertainty and even confusion.
Read our fast start, coffee process guides and reviews .  Our information resourcing comes from machines owners. In some cases (with older models) and have been using these machines for years.

 You might be asking why I set up this website and why?

 A lot has changed in the world of coffee pods since I began this website. I love all the opportunities available today for drinking espresso  at home. 

In 2012 I set up this website to inform people of refillable coffee pod alternatives. Today I like to help you with buying choices and encourage you to be environment friendly as well.
 Drinking espresso can be enjoyable, contributing to our health, well-being and social life.
 Customers let me know when I help them and it is always a rewarding experience to know I have helped. Our honest customer statistics lead to happy espresso at home or office.
   The truth is I am fascinated with these new time saving ways to make and enjoy espresso at home. I can show you the most environment safe pod machines. The cleanest super automatic machines with best features. Value machines to meet your coffee kitchen whims and much more…
Coffee grows in a natural pod, and while it is convenient & trendy to put coffee in plastic pods or aluminium capsules I believe E.S.E pods are the best made pods for single serve machines..
Machines where u dose your own grind of coffee bean provide the fullest of flavours of coffee.
 I can safely say that working as a barista in an Italian restaurant in my early 20’s gives me some authority on a good tasting full body flavoured espresso.

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all the best to you and thanks for visiting and reading my information