Jura Espresso Machines

Who makes Jura, coffee machines and how reputable is the company? The Jura Company a world renowned brand is manufactures Jura espresso machines, and has reputable outlets in over 40 countries including US, Australia, etc This Swiss brand has been producing espresso machines for over 35 years. It started making automatic espresso coffee machines in […]

Best Espresso Machine For Your Money

If you’re like me, once I decided to buy myself a coffee machine, I searched online looked at the shops, I found myself bedazzled by the colorful array of over 100 different types & designs of coffee machines. I found different choices enough to bamboozle anyone buying a coffee machine, especially for the first time. Even an experienced espresso […]

7 Perfect Treats To Enjoy With Espresso

To have with espresso

When we work hard, it is such a pleasure to sit back and enjoy the perfect coffee along with a treat! I have put together some recipies for enjoying espresso at home. 1. Perfect Cheese Platter   An ideal taste sensation goes well with either wine or espresso. I love to have a tasting cheese plate […]

7 Tips Recycle Nespesso Capsules

Creative Recycle Ideas on Pinterest

​If you’re a nespresso coffee drinker you might end up with a pile of unused empty nespresso pods and not be sure about the best way to recycle them. You’re not the only one with this problem; because nespresso recycle centres are not always conveniently located a lot of nespresso users don’t ever bother to recycle […]

Nespresso Citiz Review

Have seen any of the latest TV commercials about nespresso with George Clooney , Jack Black or Nicky Whelan? If so it may  have sparked your interest in Nespresso Coffee. The idea of popping a capsule into a machine for a tasty espresso is very appealing. But how does it actually work? Although the machine in […]