Coffee Capsule System

The way we make coffee today has been revolutionized by the coffee capsule system.  It is trendy, convenient and makes coffee with a good crème. There is one problem with the clever marketing that goes with some of the coffee capsule systems and that is that clever marketing leaves the consumer guessing what region the actual coffee in the pods comes from.  Consumers are left wondering if the come from Robusta, Arabica beans, or a mix from central America, asia , kenyar or brazil.

It is not surprising now that the price and the color of your pre packaged coffee capsule determine what is deemed the quality of coffee you are drinking. All though it is quite addictive at first after a few months of drinking some of the more popular brands of pod or pre capsule coffee you can really begin to find some of the marketed pods of coffee capsules can be inconsistent in flavor and somewhat watery, missing some of the full body flavors that top worldwide coffee can have.

Some smaller companies are really finding the gap in the market place and providing coffee capsules with coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. They are also infusing their coffee dedicating coffee capsules to particular flavours like Butterscotch, Almond, Hazelnut, Tia Maria and Vanilla.

The coffee capsule machine has made the days of infusing your coffee in a pot and straining it through a sieve nothing but an old fashioned way of making coffee.

Whilst the concept of coffee pods is not really all that new, it is still very new to most consumers. Some people call the coffee capsules and others coffee pods.

Coffee Capsules

I believe the definition goes like this … Capsules are usually a closed coffee container made from plastic or aluminum packaging that fit into specific machines only. A good example of this is the nespresso coffee capsules, like the grand cruz range.5-7grams of coffee is finely ground and packed into a small air tight ,hermetically sealed aluminum containers which only fit into the delonghi range of nespresso machines.  Another example is the map coffee machines that use only map coffee capsules.


Coffee Pods

Coffee pods are usually referred to as a dose of single serve coffee that is packed in a paper filter bag or plastic container ready to go in any open espresso machine unless specified by the manufacturer.

Reality is that consumers interchange the term because all the coffee capsules are just like little pods. Also Available in the market place are small refillable capsules that look rather like little pods. The closed system coffee capsules also look like pods.

For me I call them whatever I feel like! Really they are all enclosed and sealed whether it be in a paper filter, plastic or aluminum case.

Whether it is coffee pods or coffee capsule the benefits include an easier way faster, cleaner and way to make a great cup of coffee.

You no longer have to get it all right because it is done for you. The beans have the perfect grind and you don’t’ have to  measure and press the coffee in, (tamper correctly) for the perfect crème. You don’t have to have any barista skills to make a great coffee using coffee capsules or pods.

In metal capsules…With a flush of nitrogen the coffee is packed and sealed hermetically preserved until the day you use it.

Ground coffee can begin to deteriorate in aroma the day you grind it thus changing it’s flavor once open to the air.