Nespresso Coffee Capsules

Nespresso™ Coffee Capsules include a selection of 24 Grand Cru Varieties. You can mostly identify them by color and choose them by coffee intensity or flavor. This includes

5 Intensio Blends
4 Espressos Blends
4 Pure Origin
3 Lungos (specifically designed for a large cup)
4 Decaffeinated Varieties
3 Variation Blends
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The 5 Intensio blends as explained in the Nespresso™ Booklet

  • Ristretto -Powerful and Contrasting        Intensity Rating of  10


  • Arpeggio– Intense and Creamy,               Intensity Rating of  9


  • Roma– Full and balanced,                            Intensity Rating of  8


  • Kazaar – Intense & Syrupy                          Intensity Rating of 12


  • Dharkan – Long Roasted & Velvety          Intensity Rating of 11




  • Cosi– Light and Lemony,                            Intensity Rating of  3
  • Livanto –Round and Balanced,               Intensity Rating of  6
  • Capriccio-Rich and Distinctive,               Intensity Rating of  5
  • Volluto-Sweet and Light,                           Intensity Rating of  4


Pure Origin

  • Indryia from India – powerful and spicy,                  Intensity rating of  10
  • Rosabaya de Colombia – Fruity and balanced,       Intensity rating of  6
  • Dulsao do Brazil – sweet and satin smooth,             Intensity rating of  4
  • Bukeela Ka Ethiopia – Floral and Wild                    Intensity rating of 3


  • Fortission Lungo– Rich and Intense,                         Intensity rating of 7
  • Vivalto Lungo – Complex and balanced,                   Intensity rating of 4
  • Finezzo Lungo – Flowery and refreshing,                Intensity rating of 3


  • Arpeggio Decaffeinato Lungo– Intense and Cremy,          Intensity rating of 9


  • Decaffeinato Intenso – Dense and powerful,                      Intensity rating of 7


  • Volluto Decaffeinato – Light and full flavored,                Intensity rating of 4


  • Vivalto Decaffeinato Lungo– Fruity and delicate,          Intensity rating of 4


  • Caramelito Variations – Caramel Flavors,            Intensity rating of 6
  • Ciocattino Variations – Chocolate Flavors,          Intensity rating of 6
  • Vanilio Variations – Vanila Flavours,                    Intensity rating of 6

I was surprised to find Arabica Coffee in the capsules… mostly they seem to be different blends from South American , Central America, East Africa, Brazil, Colombia. My favorites are the pure Arabica coffee like the Limited edition Naomi and the Dulsao Brasil.  I really enjoy the sweet smooth flavor.

I also like to mix up my coffee. You would think that I get enough variety with this mix but I find that nespresso™ coffee has a distinctive quality, perhaps it is due to the hermetically sealed capsules, I am not really sure.. So because I like a change in my coffee and sometimes go for a fuller richer body taste in my coffee I choose some other blends and even mix it up!

 What do I mean by Mix up my Coffee!

I use my own coffee from time to time, mixing my own blends of nespresso™ capsules with refillable coffee capsules, that are not endorsed by Nespresso™ despite their popularity.

It is possible to use your own favorite coffee blend  and is a good solution for when you run out of nespresso™ .

Each time you have your Nespresso coffee you can literally save hundreds by using, NEW refillable coffee pods.

So I am going to share with you my little secret of mixing it up. A coffee capsule trash reduction saver using refill pods to replace nespresso™ capsules  that mixes up my coffee and clears my nespresso trash problem by producing waste for only every 20 or 30 cups.

Secret #1I pack these reusable  coffee pods  with espresso coffee and place them in a sealed tin ready to go.

It doesn’t take long. That way its literally as quick and easy to make a nespresso™ coffee in minutes.   It involves is packing the pod with coffee and closing the lid and if you do that before you make coffee it is just as fast as using a nespresso™ capsule.

Let me show you a you can get the idea of what I am talking about….


It is a great way to enjoy my nespresso™ machine coffee without the expense of nespresso™ capsules.

Of course I have been addicted to some of the capsules.. but now that I have had my nespresso™ machine for more than 3 months I have  really got used to a lot of the coffee flavors and I am ready to explore some more different varieties.  My favorite nespresso™   capsule at  the moment is the limited edition Naora, because it is a limited edition it won’t last. Mmm…Besides I only like 1 Naora in a day and then I like a different nespresso™ pod every time I have a coffee.  Yes, I have really started to enjoy my coffee since my nespresso™ machine splurge.

That’s why I have found that I can mix up my coffee with my own nespresso™ capsule refills.

Secret # 2 – Its really fun.. I use boutique coffee, blends, Italian varieties and I also mix my coffee with a nespresso™ capsule for further depth in flavor. Of course I stumbled on these cool little refill pods by accident and it wasn’t until I started using them that I realized they are a SUPER Money Saver!

 Here is my story on how I used to justify my monthly nespresso™ expense.

What happened was I started to get these new statement lines on my monthly credit that was in the hundreds. At first I justified the additional expense by the money I was saving because I wasn’t going out to my local café every couple of days. The problem I noticed with this was that because I loved the nespresso™ coffee so much I was going through about 4 or more capsules a day. (This did not include coffee I made for visitors) So in fact I wasn’t saving anything on going out for espresso at the local café or from going through the Macs (McDonalds) drive through to get coffee.

Mostly I was just enjoying the idea that I was saving on going out to the café! I was also enjoying the convenience of having a latte at the push of a button any time I wanted.  So if you like the idea of saving some real money on your little coffee luxury take a peek at this way to save on nespresso capsules