7 Tips Recycle Nespesso Capsules

If you’re a nespresso coffee drinker you might end up with a pile of unused empty nespresso pods and not be sure about the best way to recycle them.

You’re not the only one with this problem; because nespresso recycle centres are not always conveniently located a lot of nespresso users don’t ever bother to recycle their pods.

It’s easier to justify not recycling them when you first get your machine because putting 1 tiny pod into the normal garbage just doesn’t seem enough to worry about.

The problem is 1 tiny capsule turns into hundreds. I can vouch for that because with no recycling outlet in my local area, I decided to put mine in a box.

3 months of used Nespresso pods

In a very short time I ended up with a smelly, wet, mouldy box. This is my Nespresso waste from 3 months use.

I had no idea what to do with them when i first started drinking nespresso.

They didn’t fit with the guidelines for our local council recycle bin. With the aluminium shell and plastic inner lining our local recycle centres would not be able to process them. I was left collecting them in a box and left wondering how to recycle my nespresso pods.

In the end, I found some great ways to recycle nespresso pods.

How to recycle Nespresso capsules?

1. Take to your nearest Nespresso recycling outlet

Collect your capsules and take advantage of a nespresso recycle program that offers free postage collect but these offers are not available in every country.

2. Save your capsules & make useful things!

Make art,sculptures, Jewellery, or craft. See below in the pinterest picture of candle holdes, earrings, brooches all made from recycled nespresso capsules in the pinterest picture.

3. Save your capsules and make Christmas decorations.
4. Share them with a craft organization
5. Scoop out the capsule and re-use with a sticky foil lid, you can buy them on see this amazon link click here
6. Invent a way to recycle recycle them
7. Use them as seed pods to cultivate seedlings for you veggie garden or decorative indoor cactus planters (see the picture from pinterest below)

Learn more about compaticle stainless steel capsules

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Britanica Reply

Well, I am sold! I have to get a machine that uses these capsules. What a cute idea! Reusing them makes me feel good inside about recycling and reusing. The Christmas bells in the video are perfect for my Christmas party invites too! I will have to bring a lot of espressos! Haha

    coffee lover Reply

    Yes in today’s world recycling is important. Most foods now come in packaging, even our vegetables. I think if we can all be conscious of recycling the bigger companies will then make things that recycle well and easily.

Walter Reply

Great use of Nespresso Capsules. Nespresso Recycling is certainly a emotive topic.
We have launched the Nessie Press, which allows Nespresso coffee users to benefit directly for their Recycling just like your communications
We to are committed to making a difference.

    coffee lover Reply

    Fantastic product, makes recycling nespresso easy, recommended for anyone using nespresso pods. Ideal for anyone who composts thanks for letting us know about the press!

Joyce Reply

I would love to know where to purchase empty Aluminum Neopresso pods for crafting. Anyone know where to purchase them?

    coffee lover Reply

    What a good idea! I don’t know where you can buy the empty ones. Most people have a nespresso machine and thus lots of empty pods. I wonder could you put a free advert in you local area classifieds. In Australia we have gumtree and in the United States there is Craigslist. You could let all your friends know your wanting them and they may find you someone who drinks nespresso. I hope this is helpful best of luck. I do think it would be wonderful to buy them for craft. I have seen some gorgeous necklaces, earrings and brooches made from the recycled aluminium pods. Let us know how you go!

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