Jura Impressa f7 Review

Are your looking for a coffee machine that is easy to use and clean with different adjustable settings so everyone in your household can enjoy coffee just the way they like?

Ingrid Coffee Lover : –    Jura Impressa f7 fine foam technology makes excellent texture for milk drinks like cappuccinos and lattes once programmed for preferred strength.You can choose anywhere between 5-16grams of coffee for any shot,this means you have lots to choose from when designing different milk drinks.

Jura F7 from the Impressa range boasts luxury and ease of use, it is available for online delivery plus free shipping and often  seller refurbished machines are available for less.” 

“From f7 there are no complaints about luke warm espresso with 3 levels of water heat to choose, espresso seems to be as you can get to you barista cafe espresso.

The programming components of the machine are adequate working along with a responsive digital LED display.”

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 “Decide for yourself whether this is the right coffee machine for you”.

Whether you like to enjoy cafe coffee at home with friends and family or for your own secret coffee breaks the Jura F7 offers ease of use and clean up. It promises easy maintenance , adjustable coffee settings consistently enjoyable espresso and textured milk drinks of coffees.

What drinks can the Jura Impressa f7 make?

 One Touch Features:-  

Programmable Drinks to make:-

1 cappuccino
2 coffees
1 coffee
2 espressi
1 espresso
2 ristretti
1 ristretto

 Its one touch feature can be truly enticing and if you’re looking to buy a Jura coffee machine or any other espresso machine you could be wondering what the manufacturers mean when they say “one touch”.  So let me explain here…

“No longer is it necessary to grind coffee beans, fill your metal pot, insert for pressurizing, all this is done for you by a one touch button without needing to move your cup at any time your making your espresso.”

Often super automatic machines can be advertised with this feature, although you will have to move your cup for the milk frothing, but with these machines you don’t need to move your cup, however with the f7 you will need to open and close the milk section, so it is 3 touches.

 One of the most exciting things about  f7 is that infuses your coffee grinds with water in the pot before pressurizing to brew; this ensures a great crème each time you push the button.

So for now.. Let’s review

 Stainless Steel Vacuum Milk Thermal Container does not come with the Jura f7 like it does for the Jura c9 however it is is available as an additional accessory purchase.

How much Space will Jura Impressa F7 Take on my Bench Top?

Approx 11inches wide 14inches high and 17.5inches deep

“How to Use A Jura”

With one Touch milk feature you can program for :-

  • Temperature
  • Amount of milk froth you like
  • How much coffee is going to go into your coffee

Example:- latte, cappuccino, double shot, single serve, how any ounces.

Once you have chosen you desired shot of coffee and how you like your milk, you make sure your water tank is filled. It will lift out so it is easy to fill over your sink tap.

Place coffee beans into the bean hopper shute or alternately the pre ground coffee shute. If you’re using whole coffee beans, it is important to set you coffee grind dial to fine for espresso and coarse for longer style coffee.

All Jura’s have a removable waste bucket for the coffee dregs which is usually emptied by pulling out the drip tray. It’s handy to empty the drip tray along with the coffee waste bucket at the same time. It will hold a considerable amount of coffee pats, you may be emptying the water tray more frequently than the brew bucket.

All during machines have an option to use a filter in the water tank. If you set the program to use the filter then you will not have to descale your machine.

However I must point out that if you have the filter turned off your machine will prompt you to descale. It is only when you have it programmed for filter that no descaling is not only necessary but no longer required.

If you need to use a cleaning tablet which is separate to descaling, your Jura will flash a light asking you to do so. You won’t have to worry about recording cleaning dates or anything, Jura will let you know when it is required in order to keep you machine working well.

How Does the Programming Work?

LED digits keep you informed with a real time view showing you exactly which task your machine is currently processing, so you can easily determine if your machine is making coffee, or cleaning and rinsing. Programmable for up to 16grams of coffee means it’s great for you if you like your coffee strong. If not you just program for it to use less coffee.


Further Jura F7 Review

Finds 4 different programmable coffee strength levels, making it easy to switch from latter, cappuccino, ristretto or anything hot or cold drinks you like.

The Zero Energy Switch saver automatically turns off when on standby, it saves you a lot of electricity. You can also program 3 hot water temperatures. You’re using a combination of 2 rotary dials for selection and programming for your Jura f7


Water Tank Ease of AccessWater_filter_jura_c9

The concealed water tank on both machines is at the back with a capacity to hold 63.6 oz, so you won’t need to be refilling all the time. It is a lift out job easily fills at the sink with water filter which can be taken out for replacement. This minimizes the need for frequent descaling which in my book is just another job on the list I can feel good about eliminating for more fun things, as I am sure we can all relate.

Fits Any Size Glass or Cup

The Adjustable spout height for espresso moves easily on both machines to fit shot glasses for macchiato or even long coffee in large mug size or taller glasses. There are no fiddly gadgets to adjust the height just a simple manual press of the finger shifting the spouts either up or down.

Freedom to Choose Ground or Pre Ground Coffee Beans

Yes you are free to choose either pre ground coffee beans or whole coffee beans. This is a handy feature which gives you more choices on taste  and price when buying your coffee.

For instance my local cafe has a pre ground coffee blend that I love, it is their special mix and they only sell the pre ground version.

I am happy I can enjoy my favorite ground coffee blends

The other reason I like this feature is because I can take advantage of ground coffee specials at the supermarket if I choose.

It just gives me a little more freedom with coffee choices when I know I can use either whole coffee beans or pre ground coffee bean mix flavours.

Which Grind Size?

If I use whole coffee beans I have the choice of 6 different grinds, from fine to coarse…and I don’t have to program the machine for this is easy to choose  the time of filling the coffee bean container. I like this unique feature because it means I don’t have to remember or program to any digitize selections to do this. It is a finer grind for cappuchinos and a coarser grind for long milk based drinks.

Jura Coffee Machine:- How to Clean

After you finished making your espresso coffee you coffee grinds dispense into a container at the back of the machine. This is a very easy system for cleaning. You pull out your drip tray to clean and just behind it the container of dispensed coffee pats… I call them pates because the stick together like little cow pats in a field.

It will hold about 16 brews of coffee before it is necessary to empty. The water that the machine puts out goes into the drip tray, so you empty that out.

Some super automatic machines have a brewing unit that you take out of the machine and rinse clean, however in this Jura machine it is not removable thus a little different.

Your machine will tell you when it needs a push button clean or just clean automatically rinsing after each espresso. If you are using the recommended CLARIS filter cartridges in the water tank it will reduce the need for regular descaling.

The milk section of the machine cleans on auto for f7 .When needed the machine tells you to use a cleaning tablet in the back section of the machine.

This machine constantly cleans and rinses itself; it can be a little unpredictable. You need to leave a jug under the spout if you leave on the machine, even if you not using the machine.  There is no, need to be cleaning up or washing as you make your espresso or milk based drinks because the machine does its cleaning for you. For cleanup it is just a matter of cleaning out the drip tray frequently and emptying the used coffee grinds, but it does allow you to make a lot of coffee before emptying.

This machine uses a thermo block heating system and 15 bar pressure, commonly found it most automatic espresso machines. The f7 has a quality grinding unit which is quiet due to the cutting angle within the grinding cone.

 An impressive automatic machine catering to different tastes:-


  • Value for Result is Good!
  • Makes strong coffee and froths milk well for cappuccino and latte.
  • Cappuccino/latte all one touch buttons 
  • Integrated cleaning programs for milk and espresso 
  •  Eco-intelligence can be set to turn itself off to save energy
  • Aesthetically appealing piano black finish and good size water tank
  • Low noise grinding cone
  • Ease of use


  •  Cleaning cycles are unpredictable even though they work well, frequently and eliminate the need to clean manually.
  •  No Picture Screen Choices/Digital Text Display Only
  •  High price for ultra convenience
  •   f7 Milk caddy accessory can be purchased as an additonal accessory
  •   Milk is not manually adjustable although adjustable via progamming.
  •   Size is not compact on the bulky side


In Conclusion I found the reviewers reported f7 as a reliable giving it good stars for ease of use, clean up, espresso, cappuccino and milk drinks. If you can see this beautiful piano black coffee machine, sitting on your counter top then, I think it will last for a good number years and waking up to your own tasty espresso every morning will be be a regular enjoyable treat.  It will be a pleasure to make coffee for family and friends using the progammable features to make different orders without a mess to clean up afterwards.  Friends could easily pop in for a coffee instead of the local barista.

Who knows? It is highly likely that you may even save money by spending less on pre purchased starbucks or local cafe coffee.

Whether you like to enjoy cafe coffee at home with friends and family or in your own secret coffee breaks, the Jura F7 offers ease of use, clean up. Promises easy maintenance, adjustable coffee settings consistently enjoyable espresso and textured milk drinks coffees.


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Now this one sounds delightful! The Jura Impressa f7 can make 7 different types of coffee drinks, which I love that they included that tid bit in the name! I like the design though the programing sounds like it would be hard to master. I could be over selling it in my head though haha I will check it out, thank you for the review!

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