Nespresso Capsules Holder

When I first started making nespresso™ coffee a nespresso™ capsule holder  was the last thing on my mind. I started to enjoy more flavours…I collected more nespresso™ sleeves and more nespresso™ ready to use pods. Firstly a few sleeves could sit in the cupboard and that was fine for a short time.

After the first few weeks I found I had 5 sleeves on the go at the same time and it all became a bit messy and cumbersome. I would slide the wrong color pods out of the cardboard sleeve then have put it back in..And well if you have a nespresso™ machine you will know what I mean.

It wasn’t till then that I started thinking then about the nespresso™ capsule racks I had seen.

I realized then that a nespresso™ pod holder was the ultimate way to choice my espresso pods.

My capsules would be neat, tidy and organized. I wanted a holder that I could easily access and choose. It was a tossup between a stainless steel wall unit and a rotating holder.

Nespresso capsule holder for 50 capsules

The clear winner for me was the stainless steel spiral rotating holder holding 50 pods. As I live in Australia, we entertain we can take my nespesso varieties outdoors for my guests to choose their own. It is so handy.  A cute and compact display unit , I can simply turn and select my own flavor easily.

I simply love it! My favorite part is loading the capsules. At first I put them in base down and thought that was good. Then my partner came in and said”They go this way”. When you put the pods in on their side, they slide all the way down the spiral, just like a water slide. It is so fun to load. If you have a few new sleeves… It is loaded within seconds.

I counted it would hold 57 nespresso™ capsules. Which is perfect, because I never seem to have an even number of nespresso™ capsules anyway, I always have a new box on the go.

I can leave it out on the bench top or slide into a cupboard or pantry. It’s light yet sturdy and easy to move if I need. It is my ultimate problem solver of how to store my nespresso™ pods and so fun at that!

So don’t hesitate getting yourself a nespresso capsule holder …unless you would prefer to use refillable nespresso pods instead if you would like to read more about refillable nespresso capsules then check out our page on refillable pods