Mission Statement

Welcome to Ezy Coffee Pods website my goal here is to provide you with lots of great information on coffee pods and coffee capsules for Nespresso Machines, Expressi Machines and Map coffee machines.

 Over the last year I have become a Espresso coffee pods addict. I love nespresso and i use refillable coffee capsules compatible with my nespresso machine.

I found that I could save on cost of nespresso capsules while reducing capsule waste.

I also found user of aldi and map machines asking me if I the refillable coffee capsules I was using and selling would fit their aldi and map machines. So my response was to write to the manufacture and ask them to design a refillable capsule that would fit the map and aldi coffee machine (kfee) system and they agreed. So in a few months I will be making available refillable coffee capsules that will work in the map and expressi machines.

I am going to use this website to share with you everything i know about the reusable coffee pod revolution and encourage a community of coffee pods users to make comments and share with a community forum the up and if so the down side of using coffee pods, capsules and refillable capsules.

If i find valuable ways to save and tips then I am going to share with you the personal path the benefits and the pitfalls. 

My aim is to share the good the bad and the ugly and a way to navigate through the options available and how to have fun with this relatively new concept

To highlight some of the ways to save money and recycle and have customers, clients and coffee pod users share some of their experiences that they have shared with me.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you find it a valuable experience please leave some comments or start a thread in the forum.

Blessings to you all!