Delonghi Esam3300 Review

If your looking to stay within your budget, and your looking for the best value for your dollar, you can’t go past Delonghi Esam3300 Magnifica rates as a perfect priced automatic coffee machine. Makes espresso just as well as some of the high end, much higher priced machines like Expobar and Rancillo and Jura.

1. Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

Simply stated, compact and verastile. I love this machine, all the important features to brew espresso without all the unecessary add ons you’ll never use, never need or miss see delonghi esam3300 amazon

2. Simple – No Comple Digital Navigation

 It can’t get easier than turning a knob. Perfect…so many super automatics have all this new technology for higher prices, but they don’t really make a difference at the end of the day as to how your machine will make espresso.

3. How long will it last?

If you clean your machine, it will run in tip top condition and last for quite a few years. Some customers report using it for 7 years or more. (this magnifica is tried and tested, very reliable) This will mean running the brew mechanism under water once a week and using filtered or spring water.

4.  Strength of Espresso

Adjusing water settings for your machine is a breeze, easily make

  • lungo
  • espresso shots,
  • latte
  • cappucchino
  • macchiato

Making Americano

Some reviewer’s report it is not for strong coffee, however this is really not an issue if you know how to use adjust these settings to your preference. You get it right, set it for americano or espresso whatever you like to enjoy. Ultimately it is made for espresso, so if you want to make americano, and you like it hot you could use water from a kettle to top up your americao. Water for espresso is heated at a slightly lower temperature in most espresso machines to insure it does not burn the coffee grinds when extracting.

  • Your choice of coffee beans will also reflect the strength of your espresso and I sure if your like your coffee strong you will find it easy to set the machine to your taste
  • If you enjoy stong coffee  illy coffee beans are a great choice. This coffee maker has been around for quite some time,  a proven , value for money model,reliable and on the money.  

5. Bench Top Style

  •  Looks stylish on the kitchen bench without taking up a lot of your kitchen bench space. Perfect for enteraining, and at the affordable price, a great way to  save money while enteraining at home instead of going out.


 6. Worth The Money ?

  • Automatic bean to brew, easy to use.
  •  Sit back to watch your coffee brew.

7. Compact Size

This little proven winner is a compact in the kitchen, saves money. You have the freedom to choose grounded coffee or whole coffee beans, fine or course with a variationg of  seven grind settings.

8. Double Boiler Speed

It has a double boiler, but you still move the switch and wait for a second till your steam wand flushes through some water, (which is normal) and hold your milk jug still.

9. Easy Wand For Cappuccino

Withs its wand attachments you wont have to have to swill you milk  around you can just hold you milk in on place an it makes a nice froth.

If you simply adjust the water to coffee ounce dial however, you can be enjoying perfect flavored coffee every time.

  6.How Easy Is It To Clean ?

At the end of the day you have an automatic espresso, and you don’t have to be at the kitchen sink emptying the coffee pot each time like a manual machine. Once a week you take out the brewing unit, by opening the front do of the machine. I comes out easily when the machine is turned off and rinse under the cold water tap.

You empty your coffee bean waste at your leisure it can hold up to 12 pots of grinds, and empty the drip tray when needed.

Espresso spouts are adustable for differnt size coffee, and you give them a quick wipe if needed.

Each time our use the steam wand your run a little water into a jug and it cleans up for you, easy peasy!

If your buying in the US usually your machine is made in Italy with a 1 year warranty, but depending on how you care for them i have known reviewers to use them for up to 6 years.

It is important not to use dark roasted beans or oily beans but that is important for all automatic bean to brew espresso machines because of the oily residue they can easily,

stick to the side of the grinder. So if you treat your Delonghi well it can last the distance.

  Delonghi Esam3300 Magnifica Review Conclusion

Master the dials, keep your machine clean, let the buttons tell you to clean or fill the water tank , and you can enjoy, great cappuchinos all day long with your friends and family.


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Maria Reply

OOOH looks like a primo machine for the serious espresso drinker. I like that one can adjust the water and use their own favorite brand coffee beans. Super easy to clean too. Well worth the price I would say!

Britanica Reply

So the Delonghi Esam3300 Magnifica can make all styles of coffee then? Oh boy! I am getting sold on this one. I would love to have a standard espresso machine that have all the options as well as a nespresso machine. I have tried it both ways and I can’t get enough. It has become a daily treat I often have to run around town to find. Thanks for this review, I will check out the prices on Amazon!

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