What Coffee To Use In Refillable Nespresso Capsules or Pods?

What is the Best Coffee to use in your refillable nespresso pods is a frequently asked question.

Experimenting with refillable coffee pods is the best way to great value from your nespresso compatible coffee pods and all hinges on the type of coffee grind you choose.

Because refillable nespresso pods are a relatively new concept it can take a few trys before you get your coffee mix the way you want it.

I found that once I started using a coffee I liked I saved a lot on capsules. I didn’t stop using them altogether, just a lot less frequently.

If you would like to see all the frequently asked questions for how to use these pods see FAQ here

I  even mixed it up with a few nespresso capsules as well. One of my favourite was a Roma capsule with my favourite refillable filled with Italian espresso. I found it was stronger and full of flavor, even better than some of my local café espresso. Try it… and you will know what I am saying.

If you use a grind that is not suitable then you may not have the right amount of water flow in your nespresso machine.  It is important to avoid coarse coffee bean grinds that won’t allow enough water to flow through and make a great tasting espresso.

Most espresso blends work well.  If you open the inside of a nespresso capsule you find a very finely even ground coffee. You won’t be able to match that completely but to get similar results you will need to use a similar grind.

I have found that espresso ground specifically for espresso machines to work quite well. The crème is not exactly the same but makes a great change from nespresso capsules in my machine.



One of our customers, and well you know who you are recommends Illy Coffee Espresso Grind. He has a Lattisma machine and initially had to experiment before he found a blend that would flow well in his machine. I use a pixie and I found that other blends worked fine but did not taste as nice as an espresso coffee blend. If you’ve been experimenting with different types of coffee please share your favourite ways to use refillable nespresso compatible coffee capsules. “Please Tell us …

Share your favourite” In the comments Below Thanks!!!

Black Riffle Coffee is also a good strong coffee I recommend

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Britanica Reply

Refillable nespresso pods? I had no idea something like this existed! I must be some kind of noob in a league of my own. As mentioned in another comment, I am new to espressos but I am in love with them now and I want to have the option to enjoy them in my own home. I’ll have to check out the machines that offer these nespresso pods 🙂

    coffee lover Reply

    Britanica, the refillable pods to put your own coffee in, are not available from espresso outlets only from other manufacturers. I provide links about on finding them.You can void your nespresso machine warranty by using them, but they never caused a problem in my machine. It’s a bit like canon ink cartridges , if you use the refillable versions provided by third parties they void your warranties. I use them all the time without a problem. You can use your own coffee grind or own from a local roaster. It is best to use a strong coffee, they work out a lot cheaper if you drinking a quite a few espresso’s per day.

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