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Pod Coffee Is Easy to Make at Home

I love my espresso coffee…It’s just a time where I can relax, stop, and feel.  Either I pull a chair up to sit at at my local cafe or simply enjoy a coffee at home.

A single server coffee maker makes it possible today to have that cafe coffee moment, at home.


It saves me money, and time. It’s still nice to go out for coffee every now and then, for that social experience, but nice to have the choice.

Plus the added benefit is, it makes catching up for coffee with friends at home a much nicer experience. You become a little more popular when your friends know that you can make them a really tasty cuppa of expresso or even a cappucino for less than a 1/3 for the coffee shop price.

If you want to offer your friends a tasty treat to go with the coffee catch up, you don’t have to go to a lot of trouble you can just keep it easy. Of course if you like to bake, then your baking skills will be truly enhanced when enjoyed with espresso. For a list treats that go perfectly with coffee see our suggestions that range from simple nibbles to brownies.


Now back to making espresso at home and how easy it can be!

I suggest a single serve coffee machine as the most convenient low mess way to make a pretty close barista style coffee.

These machines today have single serve espresso pods which are so easy to use. The ones most popular today are Keurig, Nespresso and Tassimo.

They offer a range of flavor sensations, plus they can offer added flavor mixes, already packaged into a pre made enclosed capsule.

I have a pixie nespresso, and its easy to drop a pod in my nespresso, froth some milk in the aeroccino and pour. I have cafe style cappuccino within minutes, and I have not left the house. 

Coffee pods make coffee at home, a lovely convenient no fuss experience.

A wide range of coffee pod machines available in today’s market place make it all so easy. One of the most popular in the nespresso range is the Pixie Machine, Titan. It is the first Nespresso machine I purchased because it was such a handy size. Back then they were twice the price that they are now; you can take a look at the price on amazon now.

 If your thinking about a little pixie the next closest is the Citiz. I have written some information on both machines if your interested in reading but there are only a few differences. See Pixie vs Citiz.

I will be updating this soon with more information.

 Making Pod Espresso is Easy Play

 Its’ an absolute delight to play with coffee pod flavors choosing your coffee taste in the moment.

There are no messy grinds that spill everywhere making clean up  a charmed walk in the park.

It’s like playing cafe at home without the fuss and clean up…or cafe bill. It a fantastic thing to share with friends and if they like a good espresso or cappuccino…once you hone your skill to their taste they will love to call in for a visit and special treat time.

K Cups are the Pods for Keurig that Americans Love!

An Article on Huffington Post shows the statistics that show, Keurig single serve pods are incredibly popular. With single serve coffee pods serving less coffee in each pod than a barista shot, they claim that your drinking less coffee and spending more. It’s all relative and how you look at the situation. I think as a country we are drinking more espresso coffee than ever before. I still think that if you spending $15 at home instead of $30 for cafe or take out coffee, you’re saving.

 It can be Tougher on the Wallet & Heavier on The Carbon Footprint Than Expected And Still Cheaper than the Cafe Habit!

After a few months drinking nespresso pods at home the cost of all the extra pods ordered can begin to add up. I was unexpectedly drinking a lot more coffee at home because it tasted so good.

I was spending less at coffee shops and however I had a whole lot of empty nespresso pods for the recycle bin…

If you use nespresso pods and a nespresso pod recycle depot near you then it’s all too easy. However if you’re using a different pod, or there is no nespresso pod recycle depo available in your area then to recycling is something I think is ethical. I have written on some alternative recycling for nespresso capusles as well.

Alternative coffee solutions – lighter on the wallet and the environment are Available

If you love nature and care about out environment, you may want to do something different with your  large stash of  nespresso empties or any pod empties.
Refillable coffee pods a good solution and alternative to pre packaged and sealed pods or capsules.

Refillable Pods are Available For:

Even if you decide to use them for only  50% of the time or when you run out they are a good option if you want to use your own coffee.

Why Refillable Coffee Pods are a fantastic alternative to brand pods

    • You can Save on The cost of buying Coffee Pods or Capsules
    • Refillable Capsules or Pods have more than one use sometimes up to 50 uses or more Per Pods which means You can Reduce the amount of empty throw out.
    • You Get to choose your Own Coffee or Tea which means you can drink the good quality coffee, organic or your favourite blends in your machine as well as pre-packed coffee pods.
    • You may not get the same crème, , as a pre packaged pod
    • See how we tried to make our own nespresso stainless steel version and then someone else did a better job