How To ReUse Your Nespresso Capsules

Re using Nespresso Capsules is great for the planet and this video shows you how it is possible. I do think however that using a capsule or pod made for the purpose of reuse is better for our health. Thin aluminum designed to be used once is probably not the best alternative. Using a capsule that has been designed to throw away more that a few times is good however I think it is better to use some of the alternative bpa free plastic capsules available today that are made specifically for reuse.

Lets face it, if you caught with no nespresso capsules at home this could be the perfect solution for a coffee craving. It will also reduce your nespresso waste by the amount of times your reuse your capsule.

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Dave Reply

I have been using for over a year a refillable coffee pod which has actually been made to be reused. I buy the pack of 10 and it usually lasts me about 300 uses. 30 uses per pod. I buy them from

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