New U nespresso machine and refillable reusable coffee capsules are compatible. Yes! They do work.

The refillable reusable pods also  work in pixie, citiz, essenza, lattisma  and are also compatible with the new U nespresso.

With the new U machine usually retailing for approx $249 its my best value nespresso machine pick!  I know I want to replace my pixie machine with a U Nespresso. I have a perfectly good nespresso machine although when I looked at the U machine in store and the new inbuilt features I wanted one.

What is New With U Nespresso

I discovered there is no a great deal of difference in the coffee. It uses the same coffee pods and capsules. The big magic for me for me is all in the new slider mechanism at the top of the machine, the 3 programmable coffee sizes , the automatic capsule injection, its swivel water tank space saving, plus magnetic drip tray are all worthwhile improvements.

 I like it! And my little magic refillable coffee pods still work!

The tray removes really easily because of its magnets…this is so cool. Of course the trays remove relatively easily on the citiz and pixie but it’s just not as smooth as the versatile tray that you can simply remove and even store on the side of the machine, as  a space saver when not in use.

U Triumphs Citiz and Pixie

So with this little feature alone it triumphs the citiz and pixie in my view but that is not the most enticing feature . The U machine although larger than the pixie a great space saver because you can easily swivel the water tank around to fit a variety of spaces for storage or use.  You have 3 different brew sizes as opposed to 2 brew sizes on the citiz and pixie and  you have buttons which are touch sensitive instead of physical push buttons, which is nice.

Favourite New U Nespresso Feature

The most important change in this new machine is what I love. The new slider mechanism with automatic capsule injection is by far the best thing about the new U!

It means that when I make my nespresso I don’t have to release the nespresso coffee pod after making the coffee. This is wonderful! Why…because I usually want to make my nespresso fast and the problem with that is I often tend to leave the capsule engaged rather than eject when finished. What I discovered is that if you do this regularly with your machine it can start to rust the piercing needles of  your machine These needles puncture your nespresso capsules when making espresso.  You will avoid this problem totally with the new U Nepresso Machine.

So in conclusion it works for me because I can still use my nespresso compatible refillable pods

which I do when I want to save on espresso plus I can enjoy the new features and take better care of my machine.

Checkout the New U Nespresso Machine Features

Nespress U Machine

How to Use

For an indepth  comparison of nespresso machines watch this Video that take a close look at all the features of Citiz,Pixie,U and Essenza.